Women's Hunting Association

let us educate you for the adventure of a lifetime

Rifle Range


Although we concentrate mostly on .22 rifles for beginners we do have a diverse range of high-powered rifles to try at different ranges. 

Sporting Clay


We offer sporting clay at some of the ranges to have the opportunity to try 12 and 20 gauge shotguns at a moving target. 



One of the favoured stations is the trap. We have 12, 20 gauges available here depending on length of pull. 



At the pistol range we try to have a diverse range of calibers and actions available but mostly concentrate on .22 to build proper stance. 



From long bows to crossbows, we have a range of bows to show you all the styles of archery. 

Black Powder


Some ranges offer Black Powder demonstrations. Learn to load and shoot. 

Firearms License AFTER RANGE DAY

Hey Amanda! Just wanted to thank you once again for having the range days. It definitely helped me out today at the firearms safety course. I was actually complimented on my stance while in shooting position and also wasn't as nervous in handling the guns as I'm sure I would have been if I hadn't have gone out to the range day with you.

I probably would have still pushed it off another year too if it wasn't for the range day. I had so much fun that day. I'm also going to do the restricted course that's in 2 weeks with one of the instructors from this weekend. 

Krystle, Ontario



Range Day has made me feel confident. I have learned that instead of being scared you face fear head on. I love shooting and would love to compete and go hunting. I feel I can teach my two boys a valuable skill as they grow. Going on my third time going to range day. I drive from Toronto to Owen Sound I bring a new friend every time and they love it! Thank you Amanda Lynn for the opportunity! #addicted #willbeaprooneday 

Samantha, Toronto, ON



It taught me that I can't hit anything that moves! I hope to conquer that the next time around. 




Range Day.... I've been to 3 range days, and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.  The instruction and encouragement is amazing, and the sense of camaraderie among a group of women you've never met before is incredible.  I've gone on to receive both my restricted and non-restricted licenses, and look forward to joining a local club for sport shooting. Hunting is my next venture, and I can hardly wait. The self confidence and empowerment that comes from participating in range day is like nothing else I've experienced! 

Tracy, West Grey, ON

More than just the Basics

I have been around firearms my whole life but only knew the basics. I attended Range Day in May 2015 with a couple friends and it gave me more knowledge on different firearms and gave me the confidence I needed to safely handle a firearm. Both of my friends that attended with me had zero experience and had never handled a firearm (and had a BLAST!)

I proceeded to get my PAL (and hunting license) 6 months later - successfully harvesting my first deer with a rifle in Fall 2016.

You are always working 1-1 with a mentor at Range Day. These mentors are very experienced and will guide you every step of the way. If you attend and are not comfortable partaking in an activity, you do not have to do it. 

At the end of Range Day, you will leave feeling confident, empowered, and full of knowledge. You might even leave having a new friend or a new hunting buddy! 

I am attending my second Range Day tomorrow on August 19, 2017! Even though I have some experience under my belt - I will still walk away tomorrow with tons more knowledge and sore cheeks....from smiling all day :)

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new" - Brian Tracy 

Leanne, West Grey, Ontario



Don't be nervous or intimidated to go. The club members who help guide each station teach you gun safety and safe handling of the equipment. They are kind, patient and encouraging. The entire day is a lot of fun. You will gain confidence in yourself and be happy that you tried something new.

Kathy, Ontario 

A Day at the Spa but with more Kick


I think feeling nervous is normal. Guns are portrayed as deadly in the media on a regular basis. They have the power to take a life, whether it be accidental or on purpose and that's not something I take lightly. However, I wasn't aware of all the safety precautions and guidance, such as that given on the range day by so many wonderful volunteers and experts. My first time shooting a gun was nerve racking but fun. My second time going was nothing but excitement and joy. I now feel empowered, confident and when I need some stress relief, it is a wonderful outlet. Like a day at the spa... but with more kick.

Fae, Owen Sound, Ontario  

From Bows to Guns


Range day is the best ! I went to two of them and then proceeded to get my PAL and hunting license !!!!!!!! Was such a great learning experience and everyone was so kind and patient when teaching us about all the safety of the guns and how to use them! I highly recommend going to one if you have the interest! Don't be scared, it was great !!!!!  Also the chance to learn archery was amazing! I want to get a compound bow and practice some more. 

Christina, Wiarton, Ontario

Finally Over My Fear

It's astonishing to me how a life changing event can both weaken & strengthen yourself. 

Wondering quietly why it took 8 years to finally get over my fear of the outdoor activities my husband had been trying to introduce me to & how it could change my mood & confidence in myself. Guess I'm thankful in a way for this to shatter that box & open myself up to a whole new world that I can actually feel good about doing. 

P.S. Shot 4 in a row at trap shooting & even had enough confidence to try the skeet part of it. Amazing.
#womancanhunttoo #womenoftheoutdoors #confidence #shoot #guns #amo#owha 

Emily, Ontario

(Sydenham Sportsmen's Association, Owen Sound)

All Girls Camp


Awesome, awesome, awesome! It was great to be able to use the actual guns! This should be mandatory with the gun course. Thank you for doing this and empowering women. You are my hero. 

When I buy my dream 100 acres I;ll be sure to invite you over for a big hunt! And any girls that want to hunt in all girls camp. 

Kelly, SouthEastern Ontario

(Bancroft Fish & Game Protective Association)

New 'Expensive' Hobby


What a great introduction to firearms! Amanda Lynn and the volunteers put me at ease with my hesitation. So much fun. Thank you for an amazing experience. I think I may have found a new 'expensive' hobby. 

Meaghan, Milton, Ontario

(Sydenham Sportsmen's Association, Owen Sound)

Amazing Experience


Absolutely amazing experience. Thank you Amanda Lynn. Love the variety of opportunity provided. The coaching was great! The variety of firearms were a blast to try! AR15 and .223 are my favorites. Great group of women, lots of fun. 

Shannon, (Sydenham Sportsmen's Association, Owen Sound) 

this is my 3rd time attending and my accuracy and confidence increases with each visit. - leeann


 Felt more at ease than I had thought.  - Samantha


Got more comfortable as the day went on and the volunteers were great. - Jennifer

 It was great having a variety of firearms to shoot, of different calibers.