Women's Hunting Association

let us educate you for an adventure of a lifetime

Take Me Off-Roading

June 22 - 23, 2019 at Dunlop Lake Lodge in Elliot Lake

$495 per girl

in association with Mukwa Adventures

Please send registration funds, name, and email to hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com via EMT 


The Take Me Off-Roading dates will be posted soon. If you have interest in participating, please sign up for a waiting list by emailing Amanda Lynn at hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com 

Have you ever been off-roading?

Take Me Off-Roading

Have you ever had the chance to go off-roading, riding your own machine or even experiencing Northern Ontario ATV trails? Now is your chance to sign up and experience adventure. Hosted by Amanda Lynn Mayhew, in association with Mukwa Adventures, Power sports enthusiast, she will be by your side to educate you, inspire you and laugh alongside with you as you fly through the mud and the dirt. 


Must have valid drivers license. All other gear will be provided if you do have gear of your own.

Contact Amanda Lynn

Contact Amanda Lynn for more details at hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com 

June 22-23, 2019 

Register by email money transfer $495 per girl, to hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com only 16 spots available. 

This includes:

  • Accommodations at Dunlop Lake Lodge
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • 1.5 days of riding and instructional on Can-Am machines provided by Mukwa Adventures
  • Gear if you don't have it
  • Hot Tub 
  • Door Prizes
  • Goody Bags
  • Production for TV Series, Just Hunt
  • Tons of photos, videos and probably more surprises as we go along

Take Me Off-Roading



Everyone is treated equally, learn to turn them on and how to drive. Going over mechanics of the machine and what they have to offer in riding experience.

Hitting the Trails


Ride with experienced drivers, choose from riding your own machine to being a passenger at first. If you are not ready to hit the trails, we wait until you are. 



We have all the gear you need to make your ride safe but you are welcome to bring your own as well. 

Just Want to Ride?


Maybe you have a machine and you just want to ride somewhere new or want to meet new people to ride with. Bring your machine and join us. 

Female Guides


Guided by Amanda & Amanda Lynn, two Amanda's together on one ride? Now, that spells FUN! Both of these girls are highly knowledgeable when it comes to off-road machines. 



Let's make it a 2 day event. Prepare yourself for a weekend of adventure. Contact Amanda Lynn for details on fun-filled weekend. Each Ride is different.