Women's Hunting Association

let us educate you for an adventure of a lifetime


Take Me Ice Fishing

January 31 - Feb 2, 2020

Elliot Lake, ON 

Must have valid fishing outdoors card, and OFAH membership. 

Take Me Ice fishing outreach program

Have you ever been ice fishing before?

Women's Hunting Association is ready to announce that with the success of Take Me Hunting and Take Me Fishing, we have been inclined to create Take Me ICE Fishing. You asked for it and now we are ready to deliver, we believe in you and are proud to be able to mentor our future. If you don't have anyone to show you, how are you going to learn. 

Hit the ice with Celebrity Outdoors woman Amanda Lynn Mayhew and take to sport of ice fishing. Adventures in the making, stories to share and memories forever. 

Adventures of a Lifetime

Book a fishing trip, meet new friends, learn our heritage and take home your meat.  Learn more by emailing hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com 

Dates & Location

January 31 - February 2, 2020 please contact us if you are interested as the dates will sell out fast and we do have a waiting list.

Catching Fish


Catching fish can be a challenging sport if you are not set up with the proper gear and locations. Amanda Lynn gets you started with what you need. 



From Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario and everywhere in between the opportunities are endless. 

Jumbo Perch


Have you ever caught a Jumbo Perch? It sure can be exhilarating and then trying to stay on them is part of the fun. 



Some ladies have never baited their own hooks or a hook at all. We give you the confidence and faith to do it your self, and you will. 



Learn different tactics to perch ice fishing with different tools that are available for a successful weekend. 

Indoor Fishing


Fishing inside a heated hut or bungalow is a great way to experience ice fishing in comfort. Pre-Cut holes with manual covers that you can open or close at your convenience. 


Any Level of Experience


 This weekend I was fortunate to attend the first ever women's take me ice fishing event with Amanda Lynn Mayhew, and the Women's Hunting Association.  I got to meet some great women and our facilities were provided to us through Mitchell's ice huts. The huts were warm and the service was prompt, friendly and helpful.  Amanda was great at showing us the ropes.  We learned about the rod and reel, with a wide arrangement of bait and lures donated by impact baits, there were lots of options. We were also shown how to drill out own fishing holes, bait as well as hooking the fish. Any level of experience can participate in this event and have a fantastic time. I hope to see and attend more of these event.

Just do it


The whole weekend I felt safe. I knew that Amanda Lynn had our backs. I appreciated that she reminded us to eat, drink, that we were warm enough, comfortable or needed anything.  I didn't feel mothered or smothered. It was just comforting.  I liked that Amanda Lynn let me do my own thing.  Gave me space.  It was very cool that Amanda Lynn was up and out the door first every morning.  It's inspiring to see her auguring so early.  I'm going to take my daughter ice fishing and set that example.

It was awesome that she encouraged spirits and fun but still had lights out at a descent time.

The fishing itself was awesome. Amanda Lynn shared her experiences and helped.  She let us do our own thing with lines and hooks and waited to step in. Id never put a minnow on a hook before.  I watched her and said to myself 'just do it'.

Close the deal


 The weekend was fantastic, I was very apprehensive on attending, I get pretty stressed out not knowing who I am was staying with, and what to expect. I love meeting new people, just not too sure about sharing accommodation with them!!  The girls were amazing! I had sooooo much fun! 

 Over all Amanda it was a fabulous weekend and so glad I didn’t give into my paranoia self!!! I would highly recommend this anyone!

Amanda you are an amazing young lady!  You are knowledgeable, very attentive to all, funny and most of all you are yourself and I loved that!  Where were you 20 years ago!!!

This weekend gave me a great boost I needed.  Work was beating me up and I was getting pretty down and this weekend has rejuvenated me and has given me my confidence back!  Thank you so much for that!!