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Take Me Fishing 2020  Dates and Location TBD

Valid Fishing License

Event pricing includes lodging, fishing and gear.

Take me fishing outreach program

Have you ever been fishing before?

Women's Hunting Association is ready to announce that with the success of Take Me Hunting we have been inclined to create Take Me Fishing. You asked for it and now we are ready to deliver, we believe in you and are proud to be able to mentor our future. If you don't have anyone to show you, how are you going to learn. 

Hit the water with Celebrity Outdoorswomen Amanda Lynn Mayhew while you pile on her boat and take to sport of fishing. Adventures in the making, stories to share and memories forever. 

Adventures of a Lifetime

Book a fishing trip, meet new friends, learn our heritage and take home your meat.  Learn more by emailing hunt@amandalynnmayhew.com

What is Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing is more than fishing, it is an experience of the outdoors. A place to feel comfortable asking anything, and participating in everything outdoors with hands-on projects.

Assembly of the rod and reels, putting line on the rod, talking and participating in trolling, jigging, bottom bouncing, baiting, tying knots, fish identification, how to read the regulations and so much more. 

It is making new friends, getting out on the boat, fishing from the dock, heading out on the trails for adventures off-roading, campfires, conversation, laughs, photos and memories. 

All you need is a valid fishing license and a sense of adventure. Rain or Shine there is always something to do outdoors. 


3 GIRLS HOSTED by Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Accommodations - Tomiko Lake Lodge

Mission - to empower women to get outdoors and do what they want to do, to explore, to create memories. 

The girls learned to:

  • put a rod and reel together
  • put line on the rod
  • bait their hooks with synthetic and real bait
  • how to drive a quad (CFMOTO - Rosseau Road Dealership https://rosseauroad.ca/ provided us with demo units in 2018)
  • how to read a fish finder
  • how to tie a knot for fishing
  • identify moose tracks
  • moose call
  • what a martin trap looks like
  • how to anchor a boat
  • read regulations and zones
  • how to drive a boat

Adventures in Take Me Fishing

Out on the Boat


Get aboard Amanda Lynn's Crestliner boat and experience fishing on the water. 

The Lodging


Stay in a beautiful log cabin on Tomiko Lake, equipped with running water and hydro, all you need is your hygiene products and sleeping items. 



Discover the beauty of Northern Ontario.  The drive up to the lodge and getting out on the trail system. 

Sponsored Products


Although the items change per year, the goodies are something to get you started and keep you fishing. 

Fish Identification


Fishing off the dock in waters that produce walleye, bass species, pike and perch. Learn about fish identification. 



CFMOTO Windzone provided the weekend with C-Force 800's to experience the off-road adventure in Northern Ontario.