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How a day at the gun range benefits women—and the outdoors


Women of all ages are empowered and inspired to find their place in the hunting and outdoor community

It’s the first Women of the Outdoors Range Day of the year, and a 16-year-old has come out to try something new, something she’d never thought of doing before. Her nerves are in knots, her thoughts are wild with anxiety and she’s not sure what to expect. The minute she arrived at the range, however, the welcoming atmosphere made the intimidation disappear. Even her lack of experience and the fact she was one of the youngest participants didn’t seem to matter. She was a natural, excited to listen, learn and try out the various guns and bows.

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Women Take Over


The first Women of the Outdoors Range Day at the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association clubhouse was so popular that two more are in the works this summer.
On Saturday a total of 24 women came out to the event, an introduction to firearms, put on by Amanda Lynn Mayhew with the help of the local club.  Read more

Women of the Outdoors


Mayhew is quickly becoming the face of hunting education for women and children, in Ontario. She has made a life-long career of encouraging, educating and promoting both fitness for hunters, and respect for “our hunting heritage” - a heritage she has been steeped in, since childhood.  Read more


Camera Rolls at Sydenham


A couple dozen women and girls were trying out guns and bows at the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association clubhouse on Saturday, but because the experience was being taped for an upcoming television show, many more will be exposed to the outdoors.  Read more


Wiarton Hunter at Sportsmen's Show


Haviland will be a part of the Women of the Outdoors panel at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show on March 16, which is to be hosted by Amanda Lynn Mayhew, who lives in the Durham area and is the official ambassador of the show.
On this year's panel, Haviland will be joined by three other women. Haviland will be known as the hunter on the panel, which will also include angler Becky Gardhouse, trapper Kathleen Ball and recreational shooter Emily Brown. Read more


Following in Her Father's Footsteps


The Women of the Outdoors panel was compiled by Amanda Lynn-Mayhew of Cabella’s pro staff. It consists of four women covering a broad range of outdoor activities. Besides Ball there is Becky Gardhouse (angler), Shannan Haviland (hunter) and Emily Brown (shooter).Ball said she expects the hour-long question-and-answer panel will have questions with “a vast mix of ethics, technique and curiosity.”  Read more


Huyge, A Woman of the Outdoors


Huyge will be sharing her many stories and tips gained from hunting and fishing across Ontario at a 'Women of the Outdoors' panel during the Toronto Sportsmen's Show March 16. She'll be joined by other outdoor enthusiasts like angler Carrie Cartwright of Brantford.  Read more


Burlington's Emily Brown a ‘Women of the Outdoors’


Mayhew says it’s important to focus on the contributions of women “because accepting of women in outdoor sports is still a struggle in some areas,” she added. She hopes the panel will inspire and empower others to join in or just try one of the sports, with their family, friends, or on their own. “It’s safe and fun and real women do this kind of sport,” adds Brown, who teaches math courses at Sheridan College, and is a married mom of two sons aged 27 and 25. Her husband also enjoys the sport.  Read more

Lady Hunters on the Rise


She'll be hosting TV celebrities of the hunting and fishing world on the Great Outdoors main stage at the Sportsmen's show next month.She'll also be running a panel at the show featuring women telling stories about their own passion for the outdoors. The Sportsmen's show takes place at the International Centre from March 16 – 20 in Mississauga. 

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Women Take Up Arms for a Day


Barbara MacDonald Barker didn't mind being dubbed the gun-toting granny on Saturday at the Guelph Rod and Gun Club.The sprite 82-year-old Guelph woman even toughed it out when the kick of a shotgun hurt her shoulder, sticking around to fire off a couple of more rounds."I haven't shot guns in years and years and I thought 'isn't this fun!'" said MacDonald Barker Saturday morning. "It's been great." 

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Port Frank's sports enthusiast


Women of the Outdoor is a feature of the show that Mayhew is really excited about. Four female hunters with four female anglers will take to the stage to panel a Q&A discussion with audience members. Port Frank's Lisa Tadgell is one of those panel members.  

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Northern Ontario woman leads hunting camp for women


A northern Ontario woman is taking pride in teaching more women how to hunt.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew is originally from Manitouwadge but now lives in southern Ontario. She hosts a television show called Just Hunt on Wild TV.

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